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Welcome to IntraTYPical!

Hello and welcome to IntraTYPicals new and improved website!

My name is Marise Hurkmans, owner of IntraTYPical nice to meet you. For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to two career paths: science and writing. While at first science took the upper hand, it has become clear that my heart is in writing.

I started IntraTYPical in 2018, ready to offer my writing, editing and translating skills to the world. Very soon I attracted a number of partners and happy customers. After about one year, I registered IntraTYPical BOOKS, to expand on my services and further work on achieving my long-time goals and dreams, including publishing my own collections of poetry (under the pen name Maria M. Crouch).

Curious what IntraTYPical can do for you? Feel free to look around or send us a message!

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