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Shut Up & Write!

As I mentioned briefly in my previous blog: these are strange times for everyone. We are hardly allowed to leave our homes though some are obliged to leave theirs! and contact with others is barely possible.

Even I, being the introvert that I am, have realised that I am missing contact with friends and family more and more. On the other hand, I am really happy with the technology: through programmes such as Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp I can stay in touch with the people I usually see a lot of, and I have been able to get in touch with others I had not seen or spoken to for a while. Of course it is not the same as really being together, but it is definitely better than nothing! ?

Oddly enough, it seems that in these times of quarantine and social distancing we are at the same time more connected than ever and that is actually a wonderful thing.

Shut Up & Write: online

At the moment, I do not have a lot of orders to complete, and although that took a little getting used to, it is not all bad. It gives me space to take a step back and to think about how I want to proceed in life, both in terms of business and personally, and this, too, gives rise to positive things, such as the following example.

In addition to having made writing into a professional endeavour, to me, it is also a personal outlet. About a year ago, I found out about the Shut Up & Write concept. This concept aims to motivate yourself and others by getting together and writing in silence for an hour. For me, it is the perfect way to reserve time to write poems and short stories in which I can write off my thoughts.

Since it is currently not possible to meet up in person, I got the idea to organise these meetings through Skype with a small group at first. During the silent hour, the feeling of being together is maintained by everyone leaving on their camera, and the motivating effect is equally strong because of that. We have started to try and do this every week, and so far it has worked out great!

Write along

After having tried out the Shut Up & Write sessions a number of times with a small group, I am now comfortable with how everything works and how to best go about organising them. Now it is time to expand! So would you like to experience what its like to write together in silence for an hour? Keep an eye on IntraTYPicals Facebook page!

Over the next period of time, I will post a link every Saturday night around 19.00h through which you can participate in the Skype call (you dont need to have a Skype account to participate!). We will start with a short round of introductions around 19.30h, then write whatever we want in silence (microphones off), followed by a casual evaluation where everyone gets the opportunity to share their experiences and what they wrote, but nothing is mandatory. Everyone is welcome to join Id love to see you online!




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