General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

1.1          IntraTypical: the enterprise IntraTypical, located in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Breda, the Netherlands, with number 71819649.

1.2          Customer: a natural person or corporation, making use of or wishing to make use of the services and products, delivered by IntraTypical.

1.3          Terms: the general Terms and Conditions of IntraTypical, described in this document.

1.4          Website: the website of IntraTypical:

1.5          Products and services: (SEO) texts, text edits, translations (NL-EN / EN-NL), poems and (online) writing workshops.

Article 2 – Quotes and establishment of the order agreement

2.1          Quotes and the prices and/or delivery terms contained therein are, as long as IntraTypical has not been able to assess the text of the Customer to be written, translated or edited, without obligation and can be revoked or adjusted at any time.

2.2          The agreement is established upon written or spoken acceptance by the Customer of the Quote from IntraTypical, or upon written confirmation by IntraTypical of an order requested by the Customer. Written includes e-mail.

2.3          IntraTypical shall, in principle, send Customer written confirmation of the placed order. Lack of such confirmation does not affect establishment of the agreed order.

2.4          Unless Customer has explicitly notified IntraTypical upon placing an order that Customer is acting by order of, in the name of, or on behalf of a third party and only if Customer has provided the name and contact details of said third party, IntraTypical will view Customer as the person who has placed the order.

2.5          In case IntraTypical reasonably doubts the ability of the Customer to fulfil their payment obligations, IntraTypical is entitled to demand additional security.

Article 3 – Delivery term and time of delivery

3.1          The agreed delivery term will be respected by IntraTypical, unless IntraTypical is demonstrably in a situation of force majeure. IntraTypical is held to, without delay, inform the Customer as soon as it is clear that timely delivery is not possible due to exceptional circumstances.

3.2          The delivery takes place at the moment of sending by IntraTypical via e-mail or regular mail.

3.3          Regarding the execution by IntraTypical of the placed order, the Customer is held to do all that which is reasonably necessary to enable timely delivery by IntraTypical.

Article 4 – Adjustment or withdrawal of an order

4.1          In case Customer proposes adjustments or additions after agreement of the placed order, other than of a minor nature, this for IntraTypical to judge, then IntraTypical reserves the right to adjust the delivery term(s) and/or the fee or to reject the proposed adjustments.

4.2          Any changes to the agreed upon conditions of the order, after establishment of the agreement, will take effect only after written acceptance and confirmation by IntraTypical.

4.3          In case a placed order is revoked (in the interim) by the Customer, Customer owes complete payment of the agreed sum, unless IntraTypical indicates that a reduction can be applied. The extent of any reduction is for IntraTypical to decide upon and depends on, inter alia, on the already executed work. IntraTypical will make the already produced content available to the Customer.

Article 5 – Execution of orders and secrecy

5.1          IntraTypical is obliged to take care of professional execution of writing, editing and translation orders to the best of IntraTypical’s knowledge and ability.

5.2          IntraTypical has the right to engage third parties for execution of orders.

5.3          With regards to the desired quality level of the execution by IntraTypical of the placed order, Customer is held to provide necessary information regarding the text to be written, translated or edited, including specific terminology.

5.4          IntraTypical will treat all information provided by Customer with the strictest confidentiality. IntraTypical will alert engaged third parties to their obligation to strictly confidential treatment of provided information. IntraTypical cannot be held accountable for an unexpected breach of confidentiality by third parties.

5.5          IntraTypical reserves the right to at any time, with or without giving a reason, reject a request.

Article 6 – Fee and payment

6.1          The fee is calculated by multiplying the number of words in the written, edited or translated text (source text) with the applicable standard rate per word, unless a different rate has been agreed upon by IntraTypical and Customer. The standard rates are available on the Website.

6.2          Next to the standard rates, IntraTypical applies a surcharge in case the (source) text to be written, edited or translated is particularly laborious, of a specialist nature or to be delivered with great urgency. The aforementioned enumeration is not exhaustive.

6.3          Rates are shown excluding VAT, unless explicitly otherwise stated.

6.4          The invoice sum is to be credited to the account of IntraTypical within fourteen (14) days, unless explicitly otherwise agreed. In case Customer does not pay timely, Customer is in default immediately and without notice. In case of default, Customer owes IntraTypical the legal commercial interest and a fine equal to 10% of the due sum (with a minimum of € 50).

Article 7 – Disputes

7.1          A complaint about delivered services and/or products is to be communicated to IntraTypical as soon as possible by the Customer, at the latest within ten (10) working days after delivery, in writing and with substantive argumentation and detailed substantiation. Filing a complaint does not, in any case, relieve Customer of their payment obligation.

7.2          In case Customer has not filed any complaints within the term as defined in Article 7.1, they are assumed to have fully accepted the delivered services and/or products and complaints will only be processed if IntraTypical agrees to this.

7.3          In case IntraTypical deems the complaint viable in part or in whole, IntraTypical will do what is necessary to remedy the complaint.

Article 8 – Accountability and indemnity

8.1          IntraTypical can only be held accountable by the Customer to damage that is the direct and demonstrable effect of a shortcoming accountable to IntraTypical. IntraTypical is not accountable for any other forms of damage, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of time and consequential loss. IntraTypical relieves itself of liability for translation or editing of ambiguous parts of the source text.

8.2          The accountability of IntraTypical is in any case restricted to the sum equal to the charged fee excluding VAT for the order in case, with in all cases a maximum of € 1.000.

8.3          The risk of negative consequences, including personal injury or economic damage, of using texts written, edited or translated by IntraTypical, lies with the Customer. Customer is expected to validate essential items in a text delivered by IntraTypical, including sums of money, values, medical terms, because IntraTypical provides edits and translations to the best of her knowledge and ability, but can in no case rule out omissions.

8.4          IntraTypical is not liable for damage or loss of documents, information or data storage media provided by Customer. Nor is IntraTypical liable for damage occurring through the use of information technology, the internet and modern means of communication or occurring as a result of the transport or shipment of information or data storage media.

8.5          The Customer relieves IntraTypical of claims of third parties related to alleged infringement of proprietary, patent, copyright or intellectual property rights.

Article 9 – Cancellation

9.1          IntraTypical is entitled to cancel the current agreement in whole or in part c.q. suspend its execution, without any obligation to compensate Customer, in case Customer does not meet their obligations, as well as in case of bankruptcy, suspension of payment or liquidation of the company of the Customer.

9.2          In case IntraTypical is unable to meet her obligations due to exceptional circumstances outside her influence, IntraTypical has the right to without obligation for compensation suspend or cancel the agreement. Circumstances considered exceptional are, in any case, fire, accidents, strike, revolt, war, transport restrictions and government measures.

Article 10 – Copyright

10.1        Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, IntraTypical reserves the copyright on the texts produced by IntraTypical.

10.2        Customer does not retain exclusive rights to the text delivered by IntraTypical, whether produced, edited or translated. By placing an order at IntraTypical, Customer agrees that IntraTypical may use the texts (or parts thereof) produced during execution of this order for promotional purposes.

Article 11 – Applicable law

11.1        In all cases, Dutch law applies to legal relationships between Customer and IntraTypical. All disputes are subject to the judgement of the qualified Dutch judge. In case a Customer holds IntraTypical legally accountable, this must always be done in the Netherlands.

Article 12 – Privacy and the GDPR

12.1        IntraTypical does not collect personal data without express permission. The Website does not make use of cookies.

12.2        IntraTypical treats personal data and other provided information with the utmost confidentiality; such information shall only be used to be able to provide Customer with a proper product and/or service (and to communicate regarding these), and will never be provided to third parties, unless required for delivery of a good product and/or service, and/or in case withholding the information (potentially) leads to (life) threatening situations.

12.3        IntraTypical collects the following personal data to be able to provide products and services:

                i)              First and last name
                ii)             Phone number
                iii)            Email address
                iv)            Gender

12.4        In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Customer is at all times free to request IntraTypical delete Customer’s personal data from her database. Customer may file such a request by contacting IntraTypical by phone or by sending an email to IntraTypical will then remove the personal data of the Customer from her database as soon as possible, and at the latest within ten (10) working days.

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