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April 2020

January came and went in a blur of work, work and more work.

February came and went in a blur of busy-ness.

March came… and suddenly, the whole world stood still.

Now it is April already. April 2020. Just like, undoubtedly, many others, I had to adjust to the situation. It took a while, but by now I have recovered a flow and a productive mindset.

2019 was my first full year as a freelancer: a year to see how everything would go with IntraTYPical. And it went well! So I had every reason to look forward to the next year filled with trust.

2020 would be a year full of developments, in which I would realise a number of my ideas and further expand IntraTYPical. The coronavirus outbreak seems to have put a stop to that for the time being.

But the year is not over yet! 8, almost 9 months remain to make plans and dreams into reality. And even though there is currently less work for me to be done, that does not mean the developments around IntraTYPical are also at a standstill. Now that I have less orders, I can take time to get rested and to recharge, and to become more active on social media again – all of which were, and still are, resolutions for this year and the future. In other words, there is some good to be found even in times of adversity.

At this moment, I am well and so are those around me. I hope it will stay that way, and that the same goes for you and yours. Take good care of yourself and be kind to one another. This, too, shall pass. And in the meantime, I hope to do my part in sharing knowledge and entertainment. See you soon!

– Marise



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  1. Erik van Elk

    Great to see you’re healthy and able to reflect on the past months. All the best for the coming months !


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