Your story is unique and deserves to be told. Your message deserves to be conveyed as powerfully as possible. Are you using every last bit of your story’s potential yet?

IntraTypical writes, edits, checks or translates (NL<>EN) your texts and makes them into a clear, powerful and professional story that suits you and your target group perfectly. Prefer to work on this yourself? Take the online writing course ‘Eerste Hulp Bij Schrijven‘ (in Dutch) or book an online writing consult!

IntraTypical: your message conveyed clearly.

Marise Hurkmans from IntraTypical writes, edits and translates unique texts in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Unique (SEO) texts
Are you wandering through a web of words? 
Give me your tangle of ideas, keywords and complex information and I will turn it into a fluent and easily readable text!

Editing & Rewriting
Are you crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s? 
I will use my sharp eye for detail on your text and make sure it is perfectly in order.

Translations (NL<>EN)
Are you lost in translation?
With my mastery of two languages and knowledge on how to address your target group, your text will be done justice in the target language; Dutch or English.

IntraTypical Writer’s Rescue
Want to improve your texts yourself?
Book an online writing consult of one hour, during which you can ask all your specific questions or learn more about writing texts in general. Click here for more information!

Marise Hurkmans from IntraTypical is standing in front of flowers.

About me

Creative, professional, and a linguaphile: that’s me. My name is Marise Hurkmans, owner of IntraTypical.

My creative superpowers? Succinctly describing (new) information, editing texts down to the last detail, and translating complex subject matter into understandable content.

No matter what kind of text you need – medical, scientific, technical, or poetic – quality always comes first.

Did I pique your interest? Send me an obligation-free message!

Products and Services

Marise Hurkmans from IntraTypical behind a desk with laptop, notebook and pen for writing, editing and translating unique texts.

Whether you are looking for a copywriter, editor or translator – IntraTypical offers all of these services. You can also book an online writing consult for aid with your blog article, essay, thesis or application letter, or for a general explanation about writing a fluent text.

Find out more about our services or book your online writing consult here!

On a tree trunk lies a notebook with a feather pen for writing, editing and translating unique texts.

In addition to providing text-related services, IntraTypical has books and merchandise on offer through IntraTYPical BOOKS.

Have a look at the webshop!

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Zwolle, The Netherlands

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